June’s Pizza of the Month: The ‘Furrowed Brow’.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. As we now enter June, I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new Pizza of the Month, for which, each month, the ingredients are to be chosen by a local band. For June, the excellent punk band Furrowed Brow have made the delicious choice of tomato sauce, goat’s cheese and red onion. Could this turn out to be a classic of my pizza emporium? Only time will tell. The ‘Furrowed Brow’ pizza is available from 2nd June 2022 and will cost £6.50 on a 9.5” base. 

Pizza of the Month – The Furrowed Brow

So who are Furrowed Brow and, dear reader, is your brow furrowed? The band have been appearing in various line-ups over the last few years, before recently settling down with mainstay founder and songwriter Richey, Alex on the synth and vocals, Evie on the bass and vocals, Meg on guitar, and recent addition Ruben (who is also known to be in new band Rodney  – perhaps a future band to choose a Pizza of the Month?).  

Furrowed Brow the band.

Following a series of small singles and demos, the band have just released their latest single ‘I threw the Bathwater Out’ which has been drawing enthusiastic attention from reviewers across the internet. This is a song I can very much relate to from my early days as a rock n roller back when I lived in the States. I welcome you to have a listen by following the links below, and, why not try a Furrowed Brow pizza too?

Yours at dawn and dusk, Leonard Skully Ph.D



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