A New Summer

My name is Leonard Skully and welcome to my pizza parlour. Many of you will know me from the TV show ‘What’s Happening?’ which I first presented over a decade ago. Or, you may be aware of my small but international record label, Leonard Skully Records. Back when I started these things, the area around Stevenson Square in Manchester’s Northern Quarter consisted of bus stops and rag-trade distributors. Art shop Fred Aldous and The Koffee Pot were the long-serving establishments on the Square. At night, the area was generally peaceful save for the distant hum of nightlife echoing down from Oldham Street. Many changes have come to pass since then, some good and some bad. Of the good, I am particularly pleased to see the memory-enhancing Gingko Biloba trees are now planted here and adapting well to this Western climate. Of the bad…well let’s just say that to a lot of folks there exists an enemy of creativity. My pizza parlour will, I hope, be a positive development and serve a purpose in ways yet unrealised. I will, of course, be looking into local cultural developments and sharing them with you, the public. Wherever you find yourself in these troubling times, I wish you all the very best. 

Yours under the Stars, Leonard Skully Ph.D

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